I wanted to tell what a pleasure it is to work with you and your team at Industrial Services of Peachtree City. It is a pleasure to work with Industrial Services of Peachtree City, that not only understand and accommodates customer request but also adds value through customer service, quality, on time delivery and inventive solutions.  I think the most important part of Industrial Services of Peachtree City are the people that support us., Christina, Justin and everyone else who works there. No matter what the request they have always been there to help out with any issues. I would recommend your team to anyone and look forward to to the continual partnership we have with you.


                                                                                                                              ~Kimberly Vargas


Unbelievable service! The time they spend in design and the ideas they have are fantastic. Nothing is ever too much for them, they always have a way around problems, their logistics are superb as well. Thank you all for the time and commitment to our company and the end product they supply is more than you could even imagine. Thank you Justin and Christina!

                                                ~Josh Raines


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"Thanks as always for responsive service on a variety of platforms."


Just a few of our supporting customers. . .

770.486.8444 or info@gamachineshop.com